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On the North American Tour of WICKED


“The supporting cast is quite engaging, and always present and precise: DJ Plunkett stands out among the larger ensemble.”


~Tina Farmer, KDHX Community Media (St. Louis)

“DJ Plunkett is also very good as Boq, so adorable that you just want to shake Glinda and get her to realize what a sweet guy he is for a Munchkin.”


~Chuck Duncan, Hotchka (Baltimore)

“Other fine performances are turned by DJ Plunkett as the munchkin Boq who as of this writing, is still looking for love.”


~Steve Charing, MD Theatre Guide (Baltimore)

On the Human Race Theatre Company's production of SWEENEY TODD

“DJ Plunkett supplies a full emotional arc and many effective details as Tobias. Exquisitely sung.”

~Scott Cain of Talkin’ Broadway

“The show stopping number “Not While I’m Around” brought me to tears. DJ Plunkett, a graduate of CCM, plays Toby as quirky, twisted, and is ultimately the most sympathetic character in the show. We see how his arc develops with professional clarity. And his vocals are impeccable.”

~Kirk Sheppard of The Sappy Critic 

“DJ Plunkett brilliantly conveys tenderness, vulnerability, spunk, and dread as Pirelli’s humble assistant Tobias Ragg. His moving rendition of “Not While I’m Around” is a genuine heartbreaker. Vocally Sublime.”

~Russell Florence Jr. Of Dayton Most Metro

“DJ Plunkett’s Tobias was true comedic relief. He was the addled but eager youngster who managed to keep his character rich and vital every moment.”

~Burt Saidel of The Oakwood Register

“DJ Plunkett’s portrayal of Tobias Ragg also stood out to me as one of the highlights of the show. The chemistry and relationship between Mrs. Lovett and Toby was well developed and especially convincing in ‘Not While I’m Around” which offered a heart warming moment. And the pace was elevated in ‘Pirelli’s Miracle Elixer’.”

~Chris Payne of League of Cincinnati Theatres

“DJ Plunkett delivers an endearing orphan Tobias.”

~Liz Eichler of League of CIncinnati Theatres

“DJ Plunkett’s Tobias Ragg completely captures the naive, not-quite-all-there assistant first to rival barber Pirelli and then to Mrs. Lovett. He acts sharply as he pledges in “Not While I’m Around.” The actor, voice and character all meld.”

~Ken Stern of League of Cincinnati Theatres

On CCM's production of Peter Pan

“DJ Plunkett as Michael had wonderful brotherly love with Elliot Styles as John. Plunkett especially showed a very nice maternal love to Nana in the opening scene and built his three “candy” lines with youthful exuberance. He also had very nice moments with his teddy bear, treating it with care.”

~Peter Felichia of Masterworks Broadway and the Music Theatre International Marquis Blog

“Elliot Styles and DJ Plunkett (“John” and “Michael “ respectively) play the Darling boys with a posh maturity that aids in the suspension of disbelief…They both do well. Plunkett, especially, takes acting very seriously and you could see that here.”

~Kirk Sheppard of The Sappy Critic Blog

“One such difficulty was being able to sing, act and look natural while flying. All of the actors who flew looked as though they had been doing it for years”

~Kailey Scneider of The News Record 


On The Showboat Majestic's production of BIG RIVER

"DJ Plunkett won Best Leading Actor in a Musical on BroadwayWorld.com for his performance as Huckleberry Finn in BIG RIVER on Cincinnati's Showboat Majestic.

“DJ Plunkett is Huck Finn. From the opening moment of the show I believed the character was real.” 

"Other notable performances this year for me included DJ Plunkett in “Big River” on the Showboat. In spite of an average supporting cast, he transformed into his dream role of “Huckleberry Finn” with some sort of magical ability that made me believe I was actually seeing Huck Finn on that small stage. It was stunning."

~Kirk Sheppard of The Sappy Critic Blog



“Providing much humor is a zany quartet of crooks who constitute Mack’s gang — Readymoney Matt (DJ Plunkett), Crookfinger Jake (John Battagliese), Bob the Saw (Adam Zeph) and Walt Dreary (Erik Hernandez). Their set-up of Mack and Polly’s wedding quickly draws the audience into the production’s off-kilter humor.”

Rick Pender of Cincnnati’s City Beat


On North Shore Music Theatre's production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL

“Equal parts vocally impressive is Boq (DJ Plunkett) and while his character may fall away from the main plot, Plunkett delivers a memorable performance that is well worth noting in a spectacle-laden production like Wicked…As the love-struck Boq, he is chipper and spry of voice during “Dancing Through Life”, while finding emotional darkness during his featured segment of “March of the Witch Hunters.”


~Amanda Gunther, Theatre Bloom (Baltimore)

“The company is outstanding including DJ Plunkett (Boq).”

~Collin Kelley, Atlanta IN Town (Atlanta)

“DJ Plunkett quietly wallows in self-pity as lovelorn Munchkin Boq, well matched with the melancholy Amanda Fallon Smith as Elphaba’s sister in a wheelchair, Nessarose.”

~Sam Hurwitt, The Mercury News (San Jose)

“Flounder (DJ Plunkett) is hilarious, as is his costume.”

~ Jack W. Hill of The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“DJ Plunkett is one of the most consistent, professional, and vocally-healthy performers I know. For this role he rides a ripstick... he is effortless as he rolls into view...He is completely believable as the young tropical fish with a crush on Ariel; his heart-breaking delivery of the line “I’d miss you if you were gone” is throat-lump inducing. And when he sings “She’s in Love” . . . well, it’s just about perfect.”

~Kirk Sheppard of The Sappy Critic 


On Arkansas Repertory Theatre's production of DISNEY'S THE LITTLE MERMAID


"The individual start was strong. DJ Plunkett wowed the crowd with “Go the Distance” from “Hercules,” his impassioned voice symbolically expressing the career hopes of the night."

-William Wolf, William Wolf Entertainment Guide

"The show opened with a somewhat diminutive DJ Plunkett singing "Go The Distance" from "Hercules" and despite being small in stature, he grew ten feet tall as he progressed and blew the audience away. Ah, that CCM training! I could sense this would be the start of a great evening."

"This year, there were no over the top pyrotechnics, a la "American Idol", in fact, there wasn't a false note all evening. These were trained stage pros. These men and women were musical theatre stars in their infancy. It was sheer joy to hear all of them."

-Talkin’ Broadway

"Opening 'Rising Stars' would be a tough assignment for anyone, but DJ Plunkett, a CCM graduate, was more than up to the task. He sang "Go the Distance" from Hercules with a rich, confident voice and dramatic flair.

-Josh Getlin of The Huffington Post

"DJ Plunkett used all his boyish eagerness singing 'Go the Distance' from Hercules." -Joel Benjamin of Theater Pizzazz! 


“DJ Plunkett skillfully captures the clueless, uncomfortable yet gentle spirit of loveable loser Leaf Coneybear.”

~Scott Cain of Talkin’ Broadway Cincinnati

“Leaf Coneybear as played by DJ Plunkett, is as sweet as pie. The way the show is scripted, Leaf can be interpreted a couple of different ways. Plunkett has captured the most important part of him, his youthful sweet innocence, as well as I’ve ever seen it done and that includes Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s original.”

“DJ Plunkett (who I believe was sorely underrated this summer in “Big River” at the Showboat Majestic) tackled the role of “Leaf Coneybear” with such professionalism and talent that I don’t know where to begin. His timing was perfect. He captured the sweetness of the character in a way that I’ve not seen before including the original Broadway version. His understanding of ADHD appeared deep and his rendition of “I’m Not That Smart” was hilarious and moving. His depth of character development caused me to tear up (just a little). He made me feel what it must be like to be the black sheep of a family like his, especially when such a sensitive boy. I’ve struggled with connecting to Leaf in previous productions but now I can say I’ve fallen in love with Mr. Coneybear. His comedic exit is laugh out loud funny. Oh, and his stuff as Carl-Dad was spot on, too. Such a drastic difference between both characters but this precise performance tells me that this young man has a limitless future.”

~Kirk Sheppard of The Sappy Critic Blog

“I appreciated the nuances each performer created for their characters. They worked together seamlessly and were having such a good time… The performers were working together as one to create the warmth and charm so inherent in this musical.”

~League of Cincinnati Theatres 

“Scrooge watches his younger self loving Christmas as a boy with his sister, Fan. DJ Plunkett does a wonderful job as Boy Scrooge in this scene.”

~Tony Annicone of New England’s Live Theatre Guide

On North Shore Music Theatre's production of DISNEY'S HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2

“10 talented students from local communities incuding Lynn resident DJ Plunkett earned roles in Disney’s “High School Musical 2” exchanging energy, ideas and inspiration.”

~Theresa DeFranzo of Wicked Local